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Work at Home Productivity Tips

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Work at Home Productivity Tips

Since the Pandemic began in mid-March 2020, the amount of people working at Home has grown to over 100 million by May 2020. That amount has doubled, and it appears as if it will stay with us for a while. Employees are more than happy to work from Home. Employers have also shown a particular desire to let employees continue to do so.

All in all, it has been a real eye-opener for many firms, and it looks as though working from Home will become, well, normal. Many people working from Home have become a challenge when introducing work into the house where other members tend to liveHere are a few tips that can help you get yourself or your team into a more productive environment..

How to be Productive Working from Home

  1. Make yourself a proper workspace.
  2. Keep things clean and organized-get clutter-free.
  3. Get some fresh air flowing, oxygen for your brain.
  4. Pay attention to your energy levels.
  5. Get moving, get some exercise, get your blood pumping.
  6. Tackle 1–3 of your most essential tasks first each day.
  7. Make sure your task list is S.M.A.R.T. goal efficient.
  8. Block time slots for the whole day.
  9. Try to designate the same working hours every day.

Create Practices to help stimulate yourself while working from home

  1. Never forget your WHY.
  2. Create working habits for different times of the day.
  3. Stop wasting time, be efficient, build systems for everything.
  4. Do not procrastinate; just start!
  5. Start each task for just 5 minutes; once you get into it, it will flow.
  6. Crossing things off your list will give you motivation.

Prevent Distractions while working from home

  1. Get a “Do Not Disturb” sign and make sure everyone respects it.
  2. Explain to your family members your need for work time.
  3. Schedule break times.
  4. Separate all home tasks to after your workday.
  5. Don’t get drawn into emails; only check two-four times a day.
  6. Get some noise-canceling headphones.
  7. Avoid social media sites while you work.
  8. Get to bed on time and get up early.

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