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Personal Discovery Am I An Entrepreneur?

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Personal Discovery Am I An Entrepreneur?

Below are over twenty questions that have been put together to help you asses if you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. The answers should be evident to you; however, they are not the last word. The questions are designed to get you to think about who you are and how you operate. Sit down, take some time, and think about each item. Bring examples from your past or even current situation. Most importantly, be honest with yourself.

  1. Is taking on a new challenge appealing to you?                                            
  2. Are you at ease in stressful or difficult situations?                                        
  3. Do you see possibilities where others see problems?                                             
  4. Do you worry about what others will think before doing something meaningful?      
  5. Are you a curious person that searches for answers?                                             
  6. Are you competent in stressful situations?                                        
  7. Do you seek to build something that will be recognized publicly?                              
  8. Do you look for alternative answers when faced with difficulties?                             
  9. Are you able to put things into action?                                              
  10. Do you believe that you can influence your destiny?                                    
  11. Are you capable of visualizing how things can work?                                              
  12. Do you have the ability to take on a project and carry it out successfully?   
  13. Do you have the confidence to take on a project and carry it out successfully?        
  14. Do you shoot for excellence in everything you do?                                      
  15. Do you believe that you make your luck?                                         
  16. Do you trust your instincts?                                       
  17. Are you able to work for someone else?                                           
  18. Do you try to be the most competent person in your area?
  19. Are you capable of seeing many solutions to a problem?                            
  20. Do you learn lessons from your failures?                                          
  21. Can you pick your self up and start over after failure?                           
  22. Are you ready to make sacrifices to succeed?                                             
  23. Do you feel comfortable leading others?
  24. Do you like t be your boss?                                       
  25. Are you able to take calculated risks?                                               
  26. Do you have a hard time functioning in times of uncertainty?
  27. Do you like to take on new initiatives?
  28. Are you able to anticipate events?
  29. Are you more ambitious than others? 

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