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How To Find Your Unique Skills And Build A Business

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How To Find Your Unique Skills And Build A Business

There’s never been a better time to identify your unique skills and use them to become a successful entrepreneur. The widespread availability of internet access has made it easy for people to improve their natural talents and unique skills and find people who will pay them handsomely to provide the services they offer. These days it’s easy to get an innovative idea on how to use your talents and skills to start a small business, grow it and become a wealthy, successful entrepreneur. Often, you don’t even have to leave your job. Many people have a side gig that’s making them wealthy and happy.

The Burgeoning, Robust Gig Economy

There is a booming gig economy, and more people are getting involved every day. It’s a tremendous opportunity for hard-working, motivated individuals to make extra money in addition to or to replace full-time jobs. Gig jobs let you start making money right away using the tools, skills, and talents you already have. About 30% of U.S. workers have side gigs. Many prefer it to traditional jobs. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures predicts 60% of people being independent ‘gig’ workers by 2027. Flexible schedules, minimal credentials needed, and getting paid immediately make it popular.

You Work Independently

Gig workers work independently, manage their own time, work output, and pay. There are gig economy jobs for almost anyone with skills. No college degree is needed, just a background check. Common gig economy jobs are in transportation, delivery, lifestyle, care, and household tasks. Plus, there are many online gigs where you make money from home and maintain a good work-life balance. Many are “on-demand” jobs that pay you to complete a task. Others, like management consulting gigs, have a lot longer timeline. Simply choose gigs that match your skills, experience, and interests.

Identifying Your Skills And Talents

To take advantage of the multi-billion dollar gig economy and create lucrative income streams, you have to identify your skills and talents. Many people are not aware of or haven’t taken inventory of their skills and talents they can use to make lots of money. Often the skills and talents you take for granted are in demand, but you don’t realize their value and market and do not promote them. The first steps in building your new business are discovering and enhancing your natural skills and talents and offering them to people who need what you have.

Introspection And Self-Exploration

To begin identifying your marketable skills and talents, do some introspection and self-exploration. Spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation when you awake or before going to sleep. Consider and write down the skills and talents you have that you can use to generate additional income or even start a business in your spare time. Begin by listing the things you do well. That includes helping people understand very complex concepts, listening to family and friends talk about their problems, and giving them helpful advice.

List Your Hobbies

Hobbies can be a valuable source of hidden skills and talents. The average person can get paid for doing a hobby they enjoy. Enjoy cooking tasty dishes you learned from your grandmother or exotic ones you find online? Do fitness and nutrition excite you? Were you good at tennis, swimming, or team sports in high school or college? Do friends and family turn to you when they want events organized or logistical problems solved? Are you a computer whiz or a social media maven? All of those skills are in great demand every day.

Rummage Through Your Mind

Take a few minutes each day to rummage through your mind for clues about the skills and talents you have but don’t use to earn money. You might remember sketches you did that impressed your teachers, family, and friends. You might remember people laughing at all those silly jingles for imaginary products you used to make up. Did you have an eye for new fashions and trends long before your friends even noticed them? Those memories contain hints about the natural skills and talents you have and can build a business.

Obvious And Hidden Skills And Talents

If you played the violin for years, were the only one able to throw a knuckle or speed reading came naturally to you, those are apparent talents and marketable skills. But, if people came to you to organize events or voted you captain because of your knack for working with people with all kinds of personalities, those could be some of your hidden skills and talents that are extremely valuable to businesses and private individuals. You could turn them into a steady flow of income if you promoted those skills properly.

Talk To Your Family And Friends

Family members have known you your entire life, and friends see you all the time. They can help you identify your strengths, skills, and talents. Family members can point out activities you loved as a child and which you excelled. They can remind you how good at drawing, making up interesting stories, writing poetry or short stories, or playing team sports you were. Friends can tell you what unique talents and skills you have. Are you a good listener, someone they depend on to develop interesting ideas for what to do or make them feel good about themselves? This can help you identify skills and talents that you can monetize.

Identify Your Best Qualities

Ask family and friends what they think are your best qualities. This can also provide the valuable insight you need to figure out what skills and talents you already possess and develop into a side gig. If several of them say your best quality is you are thoughtful, caring, creative, organized, open to new ideas, or always willing to support them and help make their dreams a reality, take note of that. Often you may not have noticed talents and skills others see in you. Listen to different people who know you. It can be enlightening and help identify talents and skills you have that they see as valuable.

Carefully Go Over Your List

Once you have done a self-inventory and solicited input from your family and friends on your best qualities, talents, and skills, take a little time to go over the list you have compiled carefully. It may contain skills, talents, and abilities you overlooked or never realized you had. Consider which of those things you enjoy doing every day. This can form the foundation of a lucrative, fun gig industry or new business career as an entrepreneur. That list can reveal the hidden gems you have and love and can use to create a career or business you will genuinely enjoy, and that can provide the sources of income you need.

A Leap Of Faith

Building a new business or preparing to take advantage of the burgeoning gig economy may require you to step outside your comfort zone. If you are like most people, you resist change. However, creating lucrative new income streams may require that you do something you have never done before. You have to be prepared to take a leap of faith and disrupt the personal and professional life you have always lived to grow economically. Move past your apprehension and anxiety and prepare yourself to turn your skills, abilities, and talents into cash. You are the one who must be bold and brave so you can become more financially secure.

Take A Personality Test

Another way to help determine if you have what it takes to tap into the gig economy or start your own business is to take a personality test. This is an effective tool if you are serious about accurate, in-depth self-discovery. Several good free personality tests are available online that use simple questions, algorithms, and a diverse array of measurements to analyze your character, assess your strengths, and identify hidden talents. Weigh your desire to improve yourself and your financial situation and help you decide whether or not gig work or independent business is the right career choice for you.

Improve Your Skills, Talents, And Abilities

To improve your chances of success as a gig worker or an independent business person, it may be necessary for you to improve your skills, talents, and abilities. There are countless cautionary tales of very talented individuals who failed because they tried to make it on talent alone. Many less talented people often succeed because they put in the time and work necessary to improve their skills, talents, and abilities. If you are serious about taking advantage of the many economic opportunities available, taking a class and completing training programs can enhance your skills and talents and increase your chances of success.

Spend Time With Mentors And Other Successful People

The people with whom you spend your time can play a significant role in your personal and professional growth. Surround yourself with mentors and other people who have been successful in the areas in which you have an interest. They can give you tips that can help you to develop and improve your skills and talents. Pay attention to the practice routines, attitudes, and behaviors they model every day. Take notes and try to learn as much as you can from them. Mirror their work ethic, time management skills, drive, and willingness to educate themselves on ways to improve the outcomes of their business activities.

Embrace Your Passions And Healthy Obsessions

What things are you so passionate about and obsessed with that you would willingly do them for free? Analyzing the skills you use while doing them can help you discover talents and abilities you did not realize you had. Your passion for murder mysteries may have to do with an ability to analyze narratives, recognize good storytelling, and identify the effective use of camera angles. These are skills good film critics possess. If you appreciate how a good plot unfolds and have the desire to write compelling stories or learn the moviemaking craft, pursue it. Good writers, talented movie critics, and people with all types of talents and skills are in high demand.

Learn New Skills

Another way to prepare yourself to be more marketable in today’s gig economy and tomorrow is to learn new skills. Your journey of self-discovery can reveal skills and talents you already have. Taking classes is a great way to learn new skills in which you are interested. Mastering them can make you more marketable. If you can match your interest in expanding your skillset with learning new skills for which there’s a growing demand in the gig economy can be the foundation of your new small business.

Challenge Yourself And Face Your Fears

James Earl Jones is praised worldwide for his booming voice. It has helped him become a very successful Shakespearean actor, singer, and film star. As a child, Jones stuttered terribly and was afraid to speak in class. It was only when he faced his fear of public speaking, he and audiences worldwide realized what a deep, rich, and powerful voice he had. And it made him very wealthy. What natural talents and skills are your fears making you hide that you can use to build a business? Challenge yourself to face the fears preventing you from being your best self and letting your talents flourish.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Using your skills and natural talent to earn a good living is easier than you think. It surprises many people when they realize how many people and organizations will pay them handsomely to use their skills and talents. Often all it takes is recognizing you have valuable skills and offering them to the public. Some people find volunteering their services to a non-profit or community organization helpful. People see their abilities and talents and paid opportunities to do what they love doing begin to come in. From there, using your abilities to build a business becomes easy.

You Can Determine Your Future

Your future is in your hands. Opportunities abound in the growing gig economy for you to become more prosperous by merely using the skills and talents you already have. If you are ambitious, you can take the steps necessary to improve and refine them once you discover your hidden skills and talents. Within a relatively short time, the energy you invest in enhancing and marketing your skills and talents will begin to pay dividends. You are one of many people for whom sharing and monetizing your natural talents can be an exciting, rewarding, lifelong adventure that benefits you and everyone you work with.

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