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What was your first success with working online?

What was your first success with working online?

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      My first success actually came back in around 2010, when I started to work online. It started with a few freelance sites. I mostly did suport work for sites and people who needed it. Worked really well for me, and it helped me create my own business and now I am raking in the profits.

      I still work online, I just do things a lot differently then I used to.

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      I was able to make $1000 for doing an online study through one of those survey sites years ago. It was the most I ever made in one shot and for such a small amount of work. I can’t say what it was, as I had to sign an NDA. I don’t think it was ever released either. It was really cool too. 🙂

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      My first success was with “Headblade”. I saw a video online on here is the link

      I was so inspired that I sent an email to the company asking to sell in my territory. After writing back and forth for about a year they agreed. They gave me rights to use one of their domains and I am still selling them, it has been 6 years now. I have not made millions but I have learned so much.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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