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What was the worst thing you invested in?

What was the worst thing you invested in?

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      When it comes to investment, you don’t always win. What is the worst investment you ever made towards a product, company or something else? For me, I don’t have a major story to share, but I lost a few hundred investing in a small local business. I bought stocks in it and it went under in a few months. It was because of poor management and their wasting of money that forced them to close their doors.

      Have you ever dealt with something like that that caused your investment to go bye-bye?

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      I invested in some kick-starters if that counts? There was a kickstarter about a water bottle that fills up water from the air. It turned out to be a lie of a product that didn’t work as advertised.

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      I lost some money on a marijuana stock. I got the tip from some website that deals with technical analysis. Truth be told, I should not have invested as I never heard of the company. It was a penny stock, and it kept dropping after I bought till, so I figured what the hell? I lost $200 already, and it was worth about $200 bucks, So figured I would hold on to see what happens. To make a long story short, the stock didn’t move for almost a year, so I just gave up and to out took my loss and moved on.

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Viewing 5 reply threads
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