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What my side gigs are

What my side gigs are

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      So currently I work a lot of freelance sites, but I do all kinds of other online work. I help manage a community, which includes running their social media, their website, their discord server, their everything. I also frequently run a few social media sites for other people.

      Aside from that, I also do freelance guest articles for blogs, forums and sites. It’s a really helpful revenue stream. My main job, is actually streaming. Or, I’m trying to get it to that point.

      But yeah, those are my side gigs at the moment.

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      That’s cool. I used to work freelance sites, but dropped out of them, as the amount of people working got to become too much. People were also under-cutting me and were trying to get me to fail, as they would charge much cheaper prices for a lot more. Of course they didn’t provide the greatest quality, but they provided quantity and that’s what some people prefer.

      Anyway, left the freelance game and started running social media accounts for people and helping them build and run them as well.

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