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What kind of sites do you work on?

What kind of sites do you work on?

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      When it comes to working online for a living, what sites do you frequent for work? I used to use Fiverr, Upwork, microworkers, amazon mechanical mturk and a few others. Are you guys aware of any other sites you can make money through freelance sites?

      What kind of sites do you work on for a living?

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      I’ve worked on a few of those sites, namely Fiverr and Amazon. Fiverr is my favorite in terms of their options, but I am not a fan of their systems overall. Amazon was interesting, because it gave you many options, but the options were for very little pay and weren’t ever worth it. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider Amazon Mturk a good option.

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        What is it about the systems in Fiverr that you don’t like? What options on Fiverr do you like?

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