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What is side gigs?

What is side gigs?

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      I’m digging the site guys, but I am wondering what this site is all about. Are you guys offering options like freelance sites to list your freelance services? I am curios to give it a try myself, as I’m always open to promoting my services as many places as possible.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what this site is capable.

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      I want freelancers’ small businesses to show their stuff, share knowledge, promote their trade, and market themselves.

      On the other side, I want a place where new people new to the idea of entrepreneurship, side-gigs, and hustles to work together.
      I am going to build a community job board where businesses can begin to hang out their shingle. With some marketing and word of mouth, we will attract other businesses and people lets call them new entrants a place to learn and get stuff done.

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