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What foreign currency is best to invest in?

What foreign currency is best to invest in?

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      I’ve never done anything with Forex trading, but I know that some currency is better than others. What is currently the best foreign currency to invest in? And if so, why? I figure countries like Japan would be interesting to check into.

      Any suggestions?

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      I’ve no clue on that. I imagine any countries that are ahead of us in profits would be an ideal place to invest in. But I don’t know what countries would be the best to invest in.

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        That’s ok. I’ve been researching it a bit lately, and I hear Singapore is a good option to invest in, as the US Dollar is supposedly very high there.

        I also hear Swiss Franc and the Australian dollar are worthy of investing in as well. I’ll have to do more research though.

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      The foreign currency is the market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world. While looking at currencies that may be overvalued is a great way to go. you should be very careful. Often non major currencies have wide spreads. This of course means that when you buy you are at a disadvantage, as you would need to recoup the the spread before you can get profitable.

      Good Luck

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