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What are your favorite freelance sites to work on?

What are your favorite freelance sites to work on?

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      There are a lot of freelance sites out there, some that charge small fees for people, like Fiverr or other gig style services. But you also have services like Upwork, or microworkers. There is also a site called freelancer if I remember correctly. So what I’m trying to say, is that there are a lot of options for self employed individuals to find work.

      My favorite freelance site used to be fiverr, but as I started my own business, I moved away from it and don’t use freelance sites so much anymore.

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      I don’t frequent freelance sites like I used to. I mostly do management based stuff and article based stuff. Used to do a lot of it on freelance sites, but the minimal money and advertising wasn’t cutting it for me, so I started my own business.

      More power to you if you’re able to find enough work on freelance sites.

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      I read a post in one of these forums about LinkedIn Do You use to find Work or freelancers?

      I would love to know how to go about it. Any tips?

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