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The Problem With Binary Options

The Problem With Binary Options

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      A lot of people ask me about trading Binary Options.

      Binary Options are designed to make you lose all your money!

      When you are trading binary options, you are making a bet that a specific asset will reach a certain price or pass that price by a specific time. You are making a bet against your broker. If you are correct, you get an 80% payout; when you are wrong, you lose 100% of your bet. For the broker to make money, you must lose money.

      Would you enter a bet with your friend on coin flips? Heads you win 80% tails he wins 100%? A normal person would not enter such a trade, becuase you are going to lose it is just a matter of time.  You must also consider that the broker who publishes the bets decides how far the asset has to move within the specified time. The brokers aim to publish trades for you to take that are most likely not going to reach the payout level. ,

      No one can possibly know the asset’s price in 2, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. Binary options have been banned in most regulated countries. If your broker offers Binary Options, they aren’t regulated by a serious broker, and you should STAY AWAY!

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