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Set up a group of investors

Set up a group of investors

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      One thing I tell everyone, is if you ever invest into anything, start a group so that it’s a bit lighter on your wallet. More people to invest means more eyes on the investment, and more eyes on whatever it is you’re investing in.

      I pan to find investors interested and will join them along the way.

      Have you done this before? Has it worked for you before?

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      I think that’s a given when it comes to investing. I would rather be able to afford to live than be broke trying to run a company. But bear in mind, that also means more people to pay when the company becomes profitable.

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      Hey Gents,

      Investment groups are great! If you can find a group of like minded people willing to do the work.
      To be able to have several people working on a single strategy. The way it works is you get people to sign up for an investment club account, and everyone antes up the decided amount, say $5,000. Now you get, say, 5-10 people each looking for good opportunities, then once a week or month, you decide to buy, sell or hold as everyone shares the profits or losses as everyone pooled the same amount.

      Good Luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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