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Pet Peeves when working online

Pet Peeves when working online

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      What are some of your biggest pet peeves when it comes to working online? I think for me, is just the odd hours of work. I try to work on an eastern time-zone and often times, my work is coming in late at night and really early in the morning.

      That’s just one thing. I also dislike when a buyer contacts me about a service of mine, and completely doesn’t understand it. I get that a lot, where a person will ask me for my services, I ask them what they need and then they put in an order not knowing exactly what my services are.

      But yeah, it’s annoying, but usually I figure it out. What about you? What are some pet peeves when it comes to working online?

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      My pet peeves are more towards starting out. It’s very tough to get established working online. I wish it was a lot easier, but with hard work it eventually starts to work out. I just wish it was a lot faster.

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      I actually love working on-line. I like the ability to work when I want, with no one looking over my shoulder. I guess my only pet peeve is my own fault. I always feel that I have to run and answer emails as they come in.
      When I used to work in an office as an employee, I would check my emails 2-3 times a day. I would answer the important ones right away and sometimes let the non-important ones slide for a day or two.
      Now that I am going about this project and I am “so-called free,” I find myself glued to my mailbox.

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