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Niche ideas that could use a startup?

Niche ideas that could use a startup?

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      What are some niche ideas you’ve had that could become a startup? I’d understand if you don’t want to reveal any details. But have you come up with any startup ideas that are specific to a certain niche? Maybe a niche subject that doesn’t have anything like a startup around it.

      What do you think?

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      Hello there,
      I just came across a cool idea from some guy on TikTok. There is a site called The site helps writers with ideas to produce ideas to write about. If you open an account (there is a free trial version), you can provide them with your product along with a description, and after 30 seconds, you will be provided with a whole bunch of ideas.
      These ideas are often just things o consider writing about. Often, the ideas to write about are actually great ideas for new side-gigs and businesses.
      Play around with it.

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      Your site has a lot of useful information for myself.

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