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Networking through a union

Networking through a union

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      Does anyone here network through their respective unions? Or maybe you aren’t a part of a union? Either way, I have to be a part of a union when it comes to my work, so if I have to pay those member fees, I’m going to network among the people in my union to see if they would like to work with me.

      Has anyone done this type of search for possible employees?

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      Yeah it can be done. I am not part of a union, but I imagine you have stuff like holiday parties and meetings where you could potentially market your ideas. Since I work online for a living, I don’t think I could be a part of a union, but if I ever get a steady job with a company, I will.

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      Yeah, I never heard of a union for people working online or doing freelance work. I suppose if you worked for an entity or something, and did freelance work. But I don’t know how you would work it out when working on all kinds of sites/services.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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