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In addition to the beautiful scenery, taste these delicacies!

In addition to the beautiful scenery, taste these delicacies!

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      Zoe CCC

      If we want to understand Nepal, we can start with its food. Because of religion, Nepalese food is usually low in fat and relatively healthy. It was also influenced by neighboring India and China (especially Tibet). Common dishes include soups, fat-free curries, vegetables, salads, lean meats, and tofu dishes. Seasonings include tomatoes, peppers, coriander, garlic, and mustard oil.

      Here is the most iconic Nepali food.

      Pilaf (Dal Bhat)
      Pilaf is the staple food of every Nepalese family, mainly consisting of rice, lentil soup and curry or chicken (or other meats). Nepalese pilaf can provide the nutrition that everyone needs, and it is the favorite staple food of Nepalese.

      Dumplings (Momos)
      It is similar to our dumplings (or steamed buns). The dough made of white flour is stuffed with vegetables, minced lamb or chicken. It is paired with different kinds of sauces or mayonnaise, and it is a delicious snack that is very popular among Nepalese and tourists.

      Pancake (Wo/Bara)
      This is a snack made by the Newari people in Nepal. The Niwa are indigenous people living in the valley of Kathmandu. They make this pancake with a batter made of lentils (green lentils or black lentils).
      The pancakes are thin and small, making them perfect as a snack. If you don’t like vegan, you can add minced chicken and eggs.

      Sel Roti
      Sel Roti is a combination of doughnuts and bagels. It is one of the most popular snacks during festivals such as Tihar and Dashain. This is round rice-flour bread that has been deep-fried, and the outer skin is crispy but remains soft on the inside. It tastes crispy and delicious, and is best paired with yogurt or vegetables.

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