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I often share content.

I often share content.

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      Jack Grealish

      I often share content from my iPhone during social gatherings. How does DoCast cater to these situations, and what are the benefits of the free version versus the premium upgrade?

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      Jay Zzz

      DoCast is perfect for social settings. The free version allows you to cast iPhone to Roku TV content quickly, with up to 15 minutes for music and 3 minutes for videos, ideal for sharing a song or a short video. For those who want more, the premium upgrade offers unlimited mirroring time, removing any constraints on how long you can share content, making it suitable for longer gatherings or events.

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      Taras Haydamaka

      The free version is great for impromptu shares, giving you and your guests a taste of the fun. But if you’re the host who loves to entertain, the premium upgrade will ensure that the music keeps playing and the videos keep rolling without interruption. Plus, the ad-free experience means that your party won’t be disrupted by unexpected ads.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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