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How often do startups fail?

How often do startups fail?

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      Startups aren’t always going to survive, and sadly, they do go under sometimes. What would you guess the percentage is of the ones that end up failing versus succeeding?

      I imagine it’s quite high for failure, but that’s because a lot of people rush into things and are unrealistic about what they’re doing.

      If I started my own company, I would take it really slow, make sure I am doing everything proper. What do you guys think?

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      I believe that 90% of startups do not survive for over 5 years. But here is the cool thing. People that tend to want to go out and build something often start with one idea and one vision. The funny thing is that these entrepreneurial people often end up with a totally different business. At one point in my life, I was a real estate agent. I loved going around and meeting people, but I quickly learned that people buying and selling homes are crazy! Sellers always overvalue their property buyers always want deals. finally there are tons of people that will waste your time LOOKING.

      SO I sat down and figured that I am good at getting leads, so I passed on leads to other agents. They do all the work with the craziesand I get part of their commissions.

      I started with one vision ended up doing something else with a different focus.

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