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How long have you’ve worked online?

How long have you’ve worked online?

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      How long would you say you’ve worked online during your online career? For me, it’s probably been about 10 years or more. I think 2008 was the year I officially started to work online, as I graduated high school then. I worked off and on through college and then even had side freelance work when I had my last job. But now days, my work is exclusively online work. So from 2008, to 2021, that’s 13 years. Wow, it’s weird to say that out loud. Seems like it was yesterday when I started working online.

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      At this point and time, I’d say around 8 years, maybe closer to 10. I lose track of when I started, as I have done a lot of stuff on the internet over my lifetime. Maybe even longer then that, as I sold stuff on ebay now that I remember. So maybe nearing 20 years now. My goodness!

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