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How do you get investors for a new startup?

How do you get investors for a new startup?

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      Startups gotta be tough to get going, because I feel as if it’s a hard process to get funding from most avenues. When it comes to startups, how do you get those investors to jump in? Do you just have to advertise it as best you can, and hope for investors to show up? Or are you meant to contact as many people as possible?

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      Well reaching out to them for one. There are people known as angel investors. They invest money into smaller projects that need funding. I would reach out to them if your idea is something that would benefit them. As well, reach out to other companies that fit your idea.

      One other thing, campaign your idea, show it around. Tell people what it is capable of and maybe some big company will take notice.

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      I believe that everyone can start any company with just a few hundred dollars. Really, if you have a great idea and you follow through with a great work ethic and determination, investors, friends, and family will help out. Today, there are so many options to raise capital; think about crowdsourcing, what an amazing concept! If you can articulate your dreams and match them with execution. The investors will follow.

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      Bill Hughes


      I am part of a start-up that is going to become massive. We started to look for investors. We are talking millions of dollars. Low and behold, Covid popped up, and the markets crashed last year. Find someone to invest in your idea when their portfolios just got slammed, and the future seems bleak. It turns out, we didn’t raise a single dollar, but we found a group of computer programmers that have agreed to build a minimum viable product for shares in the business.

      The bottom line the project is being worked on, and it does not cost anything. If it works out in the end, everybody wins.
      Look out of the box; there will be a solution.

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