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Entrepreneurship and age

Entrepreneurship and age

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      Bill Hughes

      The other day someone asked me about the success of succeeding in a startup as you grow older.
      You have a 3 times better chance of succeeding in launching a business at the age of 50. You are also most likely going to live longer to enjoy it, AND Social security isn’t going to cut it!

      Some examples of firms that were all started by people over 50
      Leo Goodwin started the insurance company when he was 50.
      Home Depot
      Bernie Marcus opened with his partner at 50.

      Huffington Post
      Arianna Huffington launched at the age of 55.
      Ray Kroc created was 52.

      Martha Stewart Living
      Martha Stewart was nearly 50 when she published her first magazine.
      Denali Flavors
      Wally Blume founded it at 54.
      Kentucky Fried Chicken
      Harland Sanders created the restaurant chain at 62.

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