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Do you prefer cash or digital currency?

Do you prefer cash or digital currency?

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      When it comes to your cash, do you prefer to have cash itself, or do you prefer using a debit/credit card to spend your money? I haven’t spend actual physical cash in quite a long time.

      Gradually, I think physical money will become obsolete, and we’ll be stuck to using digital cards and maybe even cryptocurrency.

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      I prefer digital due to ease of use and not having to carry cash on me.

      The downside, is that it’s digital and you don’t have it in your hands like real cash. But I still prefer digital.

      But, when it comes to savings or anything, I try to make sure it’s something I can take out as cash whenever I want to.

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      Here is my look at it. When using cash, you feel the money flowing out each time you open your wallet. At the end of the month, you wonder where it all went. When you use Electronic credit, you don’t feel the money drain while using, but at the end of the month, your statement will show you exactly where it went.

      I believe that it is best to use cash when possible. I feel that there is more control over what I am spending on, besides credit card debt has a sneaky way of creeping up on you.

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      Cash, hands down. I always know where I stand and avoid slipping into debt.

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