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      Does anyone here invest into cryptocurrency? I have considered investing, but haven’t bothered with it just yet. I hear it’s very tough to learn and I agree. I’ve been reading into it for the past few weeks, and I feel stuck still.

      If you have invested in any cryptocurrency, what did you invest in? And how much have you made since?

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      I’ve always wanted to invest into crypto, but I wouldn’t know where to even begin. I want to try mining, as that seems to be the most practical to me. Other methods are just too confusing to me.

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      I have tried to mine cryptocurrency, but I don’t think I did it right, as I didn’t draw in any revenue. Unless my PC at the time wasn’t up to snuff to do it, I wouldn’t have known at the time.

      Anyway, I still would like to invest in something like Bitcoin or Litecoin or some kind of digital currency.

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      Hey gents,

      I have seen more people lose trading crypto than any other asset. I have seen guys make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I have seen them all crash and burn. I have also seen many people that have had their crypto brokers hacked and accounts wiped out. Many crypto firms come out and promise huge projects with great plans, and I would say that 98 % of the time, the coins all crash.

      I mean, why should the value of bitcoin suddenly surge like it recently did? What changed? What happened?
      Something major needs to happen for an asset to surge like that.
      If you want to invest, buy real assets like stocks, real estate. If you want to speculate trade options and futures, Crypto, in my opinion, is simply spinning the roulette wheel.
      The crypto technology is interesting but not matured enough, in my opinion.

      Whatever you do don”t get too greedy. Don’t trade with money you need.

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        That’s something that scares me too about cryptocurrency. It’s a very risky thing to invest in, and there’s always a chance that your investment is worth less or nothing. My suggestion with cryptocurrency, is research it, buy it when you can, sell it as soon as you can and continue the process. Don’t hold onto it for too long, as you could end up with worthless currency.

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          I was just talking with a friend about this, and that’s another reason I don’t want to over-invest in the crypto market. I’m scared about losing all of my profits.

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      Zaz Green

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Viewing 4 reply threads
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