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Biggest problems you’ve had working online?

Biggest problems you’ve had working online?

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      What were some of the biggest problems during your online career up to this point? Have you ever had problems that impacted your online business? Maybe you lost sales, or got bad reviews. What was the biggest problem you remember?

      My biggest problem, or road block, was the learning process. I had so much trouble getting started. I blame it more on my stress and learning something that was completely new to me. Once I got in the rhythm of it, I got used to it and it was like nothing.

      I hope I continue to grow in my avenue, and make even more money.

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      My biggest problem, was probably when I first started. I signed up to a site to make money and it turned out to be a scam site. Stole my private info and the people who ran the site tried to get into my personal accounts. I reported the site, and don’t know what happened to the people. I hope they were arrested at least.

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