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Always network from past co-workers

Always network from past co-workers

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      One thing I always wanted to do, was hire up some of the co-workers I enjoyed working with at other jobs. I have often made connections with past co-workers and have even gotten them hired with me at other jobs. I have hired a few of them to help with my businesses even.

      We make connections in all jobs we work, and I sure like to support people I respect. Do you ever network with past and present co-workers?

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      Not a bad option. I’ve worked with a few of the same people at a couple jobs before. It’s cool, because you can kind of network among them, and you can sometimes find jobs through them. It’s quite nice.

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        It is crucial to always network and keep your ear to the door. When I look at past jobs that I have had I always find it amazing to see how a group of people from one company ended up working in different firms in the same industry as well as other industries.
        Never burn bridges.

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