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Hey gents,

I have seen more people lose trading crypto than any other asset. I have seen guys make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I have seen them all crash and burn. I have also seen many people that have had their crypto brokers hacked and accounts wiped out. Many crypto firms come out and promise huge projects with great plans, and I would say that 98 % of the time, the coins all crash.

I mean, why should the value of bitcoin suddenly surge like it recently did? What changed? What happened?
Something major needs to happen for an asset to surge like that.
If you want to invest, buy real assets like stocks, real estate. If you want to speculate trade options and futures, Crypto, in my opinion, is simply spinning the roulette wheel.
The crypto technology is interesting but not matured enough, in my opinion.

Whatever you do don”t get too greedy. Don’t trade with money you need.

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