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Reply To: Investing into major companies

Reply To: Investing into major companies



SO here is the deal. YOu need big money to run out and buy such stocks. Stocks usually trade in standard lots of 100; this makes it easier to find someone a buyer or seller. Try to find someone selling 37 shares or 19 shares, Right?
As of closing Jan 26/2021
Apple $143.16 a share = $14,160 for a 100 share
Amazon $3,316 a share = $332,613 for a 100 shares

So, as you can see, that is a lot of cash to put into a single stock. If you are new to investing, you might be better off buying an ETF or mutual fund that attempts to copy the above companies.
look at this
cost $48 a share and holds Nividia, Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, etc. Much more affordable and more diversified than buying a single stock, still heavy on the tech side.

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