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    It is about community, users, and suppliers of goods and services helping each other out sharing ideas.

    The basic idea is to create a place where people can come to learn and explore what is needed to start that side gig or that small business that you have always wanted. We also want people that have already taken the step to show their stuff, offer their services.

    Glad you asked. Are you a freelance writer? Post some articles and advertise that you are looking for work.

    Are you a graphicc designer show somw of your work , explain why it works and let eveyone know you are open for business.

    Are you a great sales person? Explain the sales process and l someone your service.

    Get on the forum introduce yourself and start talking.

    At this point in time side-gigster is just looking to create a solid community. Simply sign up and contribute.

    There is no catch Side -Gigster wants users of services and providers of services. Side-Gigster believes that bring people an business together can only generate good things for all involved. If you are working as a free lancer I am willing to bet that you can provide the BEST help and advice to someone who is looking to start out. so post some content show your work. People on the site see your work, you get notices and close deals.

    You get to Market and sell your stuff

    Side -Gigster wants you to make sales. So we are providing a place where you can contribute content and show your stuff, and let everyone know that you are open for business. People looking to build a business or that are looking for opportunities may spot you work and reach out for your help with their project.

    Side Gigster has three goals.

    1) We publish content that can help you learn about the necessary steps involved in building and growing a small business.

    2) We post business opportunities and introduce other small established small businesses that can provide opportunities for you. Some of the opportunities for you to work on or places where you can get work done such as building a website or hiring someone to write up some sales copy, or deisgn a landing page.

    3) we created a community where people. freelancers can create content and hang out their sor sake sign. A membership site where people can freely interact and use each others services.

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