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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success

Nowadays, more and more businesses are embracing affiliate marketing as one of their strategies. Affiliate marketing allows entrepreneurs to market their services and products effectively. Businesses can increase sales with low budgets, minimal time, well-contained risk levels, and low effort while guaranteeing a good return on the investment. The approach can also increase your brand awareness and promote business growth. Although this strategy sounds straightforward, its benefits are a result of effective and highly targeted marketing.

Before you get started, you need to learn useful tips and best practices that you will require to implement your affiliate marketing plan. Let us define affiliate marketing and the steps you need to take to achieve success.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is entering into a partnership with an affiliate network as an affiliate to promote other company’s products or services. Your affiliate network gives you a link or a code to use in the product promotion. The company gives you a commission, depending on the number of people who buy using your link or code. That simple!

Unlike other sales promotions where you promote one product, affiliate marketing allows you to promote products from different companies. That means that you can earn a commission from all the companies that you help sell their products.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Your affiliate network provides you with a unique link or code. You need to share the link or code in your marketing platform. If a person clicks on your unique link to make a purchase, it entitles you to a commission. This is the same case when a customer purchases a product using your unique affiliate code.

You do not need to panic when a customer clicks on your link without making a purchase immediately. Once a customer clicks on your link, a cookie is saved on their computer. And if they buy the products before the cookie’s expiry date, you still earn a commission from the purchases.

How Much Can I Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

This is a common question for most beginners. And for sure, earnings matter a lot when you’re starting any business. The good thing with affiliate marketing is that there’s no limit on the amount you can earn. You can go as high as a six-figure income per month. It all depends on your dedication and efforts towards the product promotion. However, your earnings may not be that much at the beginning. Don’t lose hope! Let’s get into the seven steps on how you can get started as an affiliate marketer.

7 Steps Get Started As an Affiliate Marketer

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, follow the following seven steps to guide you to success:

1. Choose a Platform

With affiliate marketing, you need to select a good platform that leads to your success in promoting products or services. Any social media platform can work. However, affiliate marketing works best with a blog or YouTube. You can choose either or both.

It would be best to learn the strategies for building a successful blog and a YouTube channel. For a blog, you aim to drive high traffic to your website. Ensure that you create quality content and optimize for search engine optimization. You will be adding affiliate hyperlinks to your blog content.

With YouTube, aim to get many followers. After which, you’ll be adding affiliate hyperlinks to your video content. Remember also to optimize your video content to enable you to have a high ranking.

2. Select Your Niche

There are various products and services that you can market. However, niching down promotes your success. If you select clothing as your niche, it will be best to narrow it down to a specific clothing type. For instance, you can focus on women’s dresses only. Narrowing down will help you to have a more focused audience and avoid more competition.

Remember to select a niche that you’re most comfortable with. It could be a product that you are passionate about, whether you use it or not.

Ensure that you always post high-quality content that relates to your product. Such posts attract your audience’s attention, and with SEO, you are likely to rank higher.

Don’t worry if you’re getting started and do not understand how to create the content yourself. You can hire an expert in your niche as you learn.

3. Find an Affiliate network

Your interest as you start an affiliate marketing business is to earn a commission. Therefore, do a thorough search for an affiliate network to join with a probability of gaining more. Some affiliate networks offer high commissions but making sales may be challenging. Others offer low commissions with high sales tendencies. Another category could be offering high commission with high sales tendency.

However, as a beginner, your amount of sales is crucial. It is better to choose a low commission affiliate network with high-volume sales to secure more earnings at the end. An affiliate network with a high commission and high sales tendency is likely to be flooded with competitors who probably have more selling expertise than you do. Whereas a high commission with low sales can leave you earning less per month as a beginner.

Above all, find a reputable affiliate network that has been in long-existence with high traffic. But it doesn’t mean that you cancel all the new vendors with better pay.

4. Share high-quality content material

Affiliate marketing’s success relies on the quality of your content material that you share with your audience. You should share engaging and high-quality content that attracts your audience’s interest. Also, match your affiliate hyperlink to fit naturally on your content.

Learn the art of marketing. The best way is to engage a lot of research. Understand your audience’s needs and how best you can solve their needs. In your content, include well-researched customer reviews about your promotional products. In each case, have your affiliate link naturally. You can also express your experience with the product.

Apart from product reviews, you can write some related educational tips for your audience. Have the links on your content and be tactful to make your readers click on the links and buy the products.

5. Drive Traffic to the Affiliate Site

The affiliate site needs to get visitors who will read your content and probably click on your links. You can utilize various strategies to drive traffic to your site. Let’s check some of the common strategies.

i. Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways to drive good traffic to your site is through SEO. It also allows you to rank higher on search engines. Choose a keyword to rank for as you create your content. Understand the customers’ search intent and create high-quality content that revolves around their search. Include other approaches that will help you rank higher, including link building (have external and internal links).

ii. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to send personalized emails to your email subscribers. To succeed, build an email list that includes your target audience and understand their needs. Ensure that you regularly send them relevant content with your affiliate links.

iii. Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

PPC is an advertising strategy where you pay depending on the number of clicks. It is a suitable advert mechanism for paid traffic since you only pay for actual clicks on your ads.

6. Get Clicks For Your Affiliate Links

The number of clicks that you obtain determines your success in affiliate sales. Hence, it would help if you strategize on how you’re going to get more clicks. One way of doing this is to place your affiliate hyperlinks in the right place on your content. Don’t annoy your readers with links in the introduction section. Also, don’t push your links toward the end since most readers might not get to the end of your document. Remember to let them flow naturally with your content.

You can also include callouts that encourage clicking on your affiliate links. The callouts should be clear and appealing to your audience to take action.

7. Convert Clicks to Sales

This is the final strategy that directly translates to earning you a commission. You can still get a commission through clicks, but affiliate marketing’s pay largely depends on the number of your conversion to sales. Therefore, you need to learn how to convince your audience to buy through your affiliate link. Fortunately, if you successfully follow the first six steps above, you’ll get a high probability of making sales.

Additionally, select affiliate programs that have a high conversion rate of clicks to sales. You can determine this by checking the quality of their products and researching the earnings of their affiliates. The clicks are certainly converting well if other affiliates earn well from them and vice versa. Also, if the affiliate program offers quality products, you feel that they can convert well. Don’t take the risk of selecting a product that you know nothing about or that you dislike as a beginner. It may affect your promotion strategies and the final conversion rate.

Further, you can join other affiliate programs that offer the same products in your niche. Offer them as alternatives to your audience to get higher chances of conversion.


Affiliate marketing is a simple but tactful marketing approach that can earn you a decent income. As a beginner, you need to employ the seven steps highlighted in this article for success. However, affiliate marketing requires patience. Don’t set high targets for your first sales. Follow this step-by-step guide and learn more as you progress.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing or have any queries on how you can begin affiliate marketing, don’t hesitate to sign up Here!

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