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Why Now?

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Why Now?

While often sacrificing the time spent with the people I love.
Over the 30 years, I have moved up the ladder in every position that I started. After years of dedicated service, I have always ended up finding myself filing for unemployment due to recessions, changing business needs, or general market conditions.
I have worked with dozens of people, managers, and executives, and l learned something from all of them. I have studied and worked in the financial markets, Insurance, customer support, I have sold on eBay and Amazon and made Pizza.
Today I see a lot of people losing their jobs during the corona outbreak, and I know that many of you (and me ) are fed up with having your futures tied to the fortunes of others and the forces of the market place.
It is my firm belief that once this Coronavirus Pandemic passes, there will be tons of opportunities for new growth, and new business and technology.
It is time to think, learn, plan, and build, a better future. There is going be a lot of global opportunity and growth in the next few years. It is time to ACT.

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